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The technology by Ardans

Ardans was created with an eye on tomorrow's stakes. Our DNA is to anticipate the challenges and needs of an economy increasingly geared towards management through knowledge.

We see tomorrow always more
for humans.
01 our belief
Knowledge management is an essential factor in the added value of any organization. It increases its competitiveness, responsiveness and decision ability.

Faced with the geographical spread of teams, the increasing complexity of business processes and the accumulation of information, our resilient solutions will always be there to keep your organization's spirit alive. They help build on your best practices, and enrich your growing knowledge capital.
From the outset, we have always viewed Knowledge Management as closely linked to companies' human capital challenges. This insight shaped the strength and uniqueness of our products. They are developed both for those who master knowledge in your organization, and for those who will use, grow and share your knowledge base.

Our software packages and solutions have been valued for over 20 years. They are successfully used in many public and private organizations, in France and over the world.
  • Energy
  • Banking
  • Industry
  • Health
  • Transports
  • Construction
  • Defense
  • Services
02 technologies and services

Ardans Knowledge Maker® is built around AKM Kernel®, the heart of the solution. Its founding principle is to manage knowledge in the form of structured forms, from a simple and ergonomic web interface. With this kernel, one or more companion modules may be combined accorfing to specific needs.

AKM histerisis-ardans
Techno logies
Ardans Information Maker® is the Framework designed to custom-create information management web applications. AIM optimally shares data within the organization. Flexible and personalized input forms guide the user in his work, optimizing efficiency and avoiding conflicts or unnecessary duplication of information in a centralized database.
AIM histerisis-ardans
From these two flagship products, Ardans derives specific solutions; COP is the complete environment to support actors throughout the life of their Communities of Practice, and EKB is the module for deploying e-books of knowledge in a license-free web format.
03 Data safety

Enhanced safety, proven for decades

Ardans has always been working on data, information and sensitive knowledge because it is linked to its customers' core business value and know-how.

The tools and applications we produce incorporate the necessary security levels to protect highly valuable assets. Protection levels are assessed by security audits, both internally and in collaboration with our clients' CISOs.