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01 presentation captures the contents and attachments of a knowledge base developed with Ardans Knowledge Maker, and shapes it into a website that can be navigated through with any regular browser.

This export format is used for:

- Controling the dissemination of sensitive knowledge (as in the case of military applications for instance).
- Preserving knowledge over time (all information is stored as HTML files).
- Allowing smartphone or tablet browsing in offline and nomadic mode.
- Rolling-out of a knowledge base on a license-free environment (standard web server and browser).
- Providing a format compatible with Microsoft Sharepoint sites.

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03 Operating Principle
Beforehand, it is necessary to consider an AKM knowledge base to operate from. The AKM base constitutes the architecture of the knowledge repository. The future home page of the e-K.Book will display the pre-defined navigation choices : this home page constitutes the 'root' context sheet.
Generating the e-K.Book
The module queries the AKM database and generates the collection by "clusters" of knowledge elements from:
the 'root' context sheet, which defines the perimeter of a given work environment,
a summary document which synthesizes the way the knowledge domain is organised,
the various internal structures of the AKM knowledge base.
e-K.Book performance is guaranteed :
by reconstructing all the selected files, the structures of the sections, their contents, the information of the title blocks (authors, dates) and of the history of the versions of the files,
taking into account advanced presentations (computer graphics), composition frames from AKM Composer,
by integrating the access view trees,
by translating the links between knowledge elements and associated documents as URLs
by keeping the rights associated with a targeted group of users,
by integrating the elements of the graphic charter of the project or the organization,
by constituting a cartographic representation,
by adding a basic search engine to the browser.
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    After having collected and structured the knowledge of the experts in an AKM database, the tool deploys knowledge efficiently to the entities, and makes validated knowledge very easily available

    Philippe SIMONETTI - CEA
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