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Ardans Knowledge Maker came from a simple question : how can we help organizations better identify, structure, manage, map, preserve, use their knowledge and generate value from it ? Decision-making is a fundamental driver, and our tools' mission is to support you in this challenge.

For over 20 years, with our operational feedback, we have been improving and enriching our AKM; but its DNA remains invariable. Its intuitive and robust interface leverages your knowledge capital and eases knowledge sharing between end-users. Your company's knowledge becomes a living asset, easily available to those who require it.

The tool supports a pragmatic knowledge engineering method, through an industrial and secure IT architecture. With AKM, you have the platform that meets the requirements of the ISO30401 standard.

Tomorrow's challenges won't wait. Are you ready?

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Capitalization of knowledge elements:
Choice among knowledge models,
Creation, modification and viewing,
Management of access and validation rights,
Indexing according to various standpoints,
Management of symetrical links between knowledge elements,
Graph view of selected knowledge elements,
Version management,
Management of attached files of any format.
Combined searches:
Multiple standpoints,
Par By metadata : Date, Author, Model, List, Status, range,
By full text search,
By business or user context,
By combinations of criteria.
Administration environment:
Knowledge models,
Standpoint term trees,
Approval workflows,
Access right groups,
Profiles and users,
Display priorities or orders, etc.
Knowledge Element display:
Layout according to composition frames,
Formatting according to the desired graphic charter,
Exports in XML / XKM or office formats,
In order to make sharing of knowledge become spontaneous for your employees, several types of training are proposed according to their role in your company.
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    The construction of the solution through workshops, as well as the extremely fast and relevant feedbacks with the Ardans Knowledge Maker tool, created confidence and assurance for the entire project team.

    Véronique BÉRANGER - ANDRA
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