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The Ardans Information Maker (AIM) framework is a package designed to create tailor-made data management web applications. As close as possible to your needs, the data is shared and updated efficiently. A centralized database and configurable input forms guide the user through a smooth experience, while avoiding conflicts and duplications of information.

Accessible through a simple browser, the AIM module is conventionally used for:

Transforming Excel / Access files into a web application,
Transforming a legacy client-server application into a web application.

AIM is also very valuable when interoperating with a knowledge management platform such as AKM ! The cross-fertilization of information and knowledge provides major opportunities for the design of 'augmented' applications.

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Native features of AIM:
Management of concurrent access and conflicts,
Profile and user management,
Access rights management,
Management of constants,
Management of the application labels,
Management of functional rules,
Management of graphic representations,
Management of EXCEL exports.
Application generation:
Accessible through a standard browser (IE / Edge, Firefox, Chrome, ...),
Compatible with technical environments: J2EE or .Net, Oracle, MySql or SQL Server.
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    Thanks to the skills of the ARDANS teams, their listening and their availability, BATEG was able to set up its OPERA application. They were able to be responsive and offer us a solution adapted to our needs. It also is a pleasure to work with their teams, and we are fully satisfied with the result of this collaboration.

    Alice BAUZON - BATEG - Vinci
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